The Ultimate Sales and Marketing Alignment Guide

Marketing and sales teams that are aligned close more deals, achieve revenue growth of 20%+, and have faster 3-year growth and profit rates than those who are not aligned. Download our guide to determine your team’s strengths and weaknesses and find ways to align toward success.

Measure your team’s sales & marketing alignment with these tools:


Get started. Evaluate how well your sales and marketing teams are working together right now.


Take action. Make an action plan to improving that working relationship between sales and marketing.


Evaluate. Review your needs to see if hiring an outside expert makes the most sense.

The Gap

The center of the sales funnel is the gap, the part between attracting leads and closing deals. A lot can get missed in the gap, resulting in lost leads, lack of data, and struggling teams. We all want to hear less “just looking” and more “I’m all in.” Here’s how.

Delivering Opportunity


SalesAmp is on a mission to align sales and marketing toward one unified goal: delivering opportunity. How do we do that? By forming a unified front between every department: content, marketing, and sales. Then, collaboratively building your digital world from the ground up.

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Helping You Reach Your Target


• Marketing & Sales Strategy
• CRM Set-Up & Administration
• List Building
• Content Marketing Asset Creation
• Thought Leadership Copywriting
• Video Production
• Paid Digital Marketing
• Email Marketing & Automation
• Social Media Management
• Sales Enablement & Prospecting
• Business Development Representative as a Service


“At best, the traditional sales process is paused. At worst, the traditional sales process is dead.”

– BOB, President of MedTech Company

“Our internal marketing team is too busy to give us this kind of support. We have needed SalesAmp for years.”

– VP of SALES, Leading Healthcare Technology Company

“We do some of these things well today and have attempted all these things at one time – but have never thought to have one company quarterback it all. SalesAmp makes so much sense.”


One Step Closer to Achieving Measurable Sales and Marketing ROI

Alignment Starts Here


Aligning your sales and marketing teams is the first step to reaching your sales and revenue goals. Tackling alignment can seem daunting, but once you have visibility into your team’s challenges, there are clear steps you can take to get everyone on the same page. Fill out the form to get the ultimate guide to start your alignment journey tomorrow.