Delivering opportunities directly to your sales team.

We’re done with leads getting lost in the funnel. So we’re closing the gap between “hello” and “yes.”

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introducing: Salesamp

The bridge over the gap.

01. Identify

We narrow your audience, build specific target personas & optimize your lists. Because we know, good data = good campaign.

02. Attract

We share content that provides actual value to your audience (tools, advice, action-steps, food-for-thought) & proves to them you’re trusted experts in your field.

03. Engage

Our in-house BDR team monitors engagement in real-time & follows up with leads on your rep’s behalf, moving leads down the funnel before your team even meets them.

04. Connect

We set meetings for your reps (in their calendars) with all the info they need to close – content the lead has read, their biggest pain point, a few personal anecdotes to help your rep connect with them faster.


Throughout this entire process, we closely monitor data (opens, clicks, views) and intel (anecdotes from conversations with real people). Then, we use that information to optimize your campaign. It’s a feedback loop of information that constantly makes the system smarter.

“At best, the traditional sales process is paused. At worst, the traditional sales process is dead.”

– BOB, President of MedTech Company

“Our internal marketing team is too busy to give us this kind of support. We have needed SalesAmp for years.”

– VP of SALES, Leading Healthcare Technology Company

“SalesAmp has allowed me, for the first time in my career, to be viewed as a thought leader when I attend trade shows.”

– SALES EXECUTIVE, Leading Healthcare Technology Company

“I tried to convince my company for years to do many of these steps. SalesAmp made the decision easy for us all.”

– DIRECTOR of MARKETING, Employee Benefits Company

“SalesAmp focuses on who is engaging with content and then reaches out and sends more information or sets an appointment. It has been invaluable to me and my team.”

– VP of SALES, Employee Benefits Company

“We do some of these things well today and have attempted all these things at one time – but have never thought to have one company quarterback it all. SalesAmp makes so much sense.”


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