SalesAmp is on a mission to align sales and marketing toward one unified goal: delivering opportunity. How do we do that? By collaboratively building your digital world from the ground up. Here’s everything we do to help our clients reach their target.

Marketing & Sales Strategy

Our “Journey Line” process sets the foundation for all fu ture communication with your audience. It establishes the language you’ll use to connect with your target and the tactics you’ll deploy to reach them.

Marketing & Sales Strategy
  • Uncover your company’s unique voice and core brand pillars
  • Establish KPIs to capture baselines and set the stage for tracking results
  • Set a 6-month plan to ensure long term goals are met
  • Plan 2-month campaign cycles to allow for consistent outreach and measurable progress

CRM Setup & Administration

Your CRM is a centralized hub for all your marketing and sales initiatives. It ensures you and your team have all key information easily accessible in one place, including visibility into the entire lifecycle of your prospects.

CRM Set Up
  • Set up CRM
  • Tailor CRM to capture, record, and report on custom information relevant to your business
  • Integrate platforms (Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc.)
  • Integrate tactics (email marketing, sales outreach, etc.)
  • Observe, measure, and track personas

List Building

The quality of your list is a key factor in the success of your outbound marketing efforts. By increasing the amount of marketable leads in your CRM, we give you more “at bats” with contacts in your target.

List Building
  • Help clean, update, and expand your current lists
    Build new lists
  • Locate hard-to-find contacts your competitors have limited access to
  • Strategically target those who have already interacted with your brand
  • Prevent spamming and the risk of ruining your sender score

Content Marketing Asset Creation

Our robust content marketing strategy focuses on the creation of thought leadership or industry-expert content to use across multiple channels. This keeps you top of mind and positions you as an expert and valuable resource to your industry.

Content Marketing
  • Develop smart, clever, and click-able promotional content (i.e. emails, landing page content, social posts, digital ads, prospecting sequences, video & graphic content, etc.)
  • Cohesive message tying back to thought leadership offering
  • Strategic CTAs for lead capture
  • Strategic subject lines/headlines based on industry best practices and trends
  • SEO-informed keywords

Thought Leadership Copywriting

Providing free, high-value content proves to your audience that you’re a trusted resource in your industry. Our full-service creative team learns from your subject matter experts, analyzes your customer personas, conducts extensive research, and collaborates together (content, design, and video) to build assets that reflect your brand, voice, and tone.

thought leadership copywriting
  • Start-to finish asset development (i.e. articles, ebooks, white papers, etc.),
  • including strategic content and design
  • Interviews with subject matter experts
  • Keyword and industry research

Video Production

Your company needs to be able to reach your audience where they already are. And these days, video content is getting more and more attention. That’s why our fully integrated, in-house video production team is here to help.

video production
  • Video production from idea inception to creation
  • Large scale on site production
  • Creative, small scale solutions
  • 100% remote solutions for distributed teams
  • Format options that support organic efforts and digital advertising efforts

Paid Digital Marketing

Keeping in mind the sales-focused strategy and campaigns, we execute paid media campaigns that promote your perfect mix (not a one-size-fits-all template) of brand-awareness and lead generation.

paid digital marketing
  • Create a platform mix distribution (Google Ads, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram) based on where your prospects are and what generates sales opportunities
  • Asset creation (content and design)
  • Ad creation (content and design)
    Platform set up
  • Campaign monitoring and optimization
  • Metrics reporting


With your business’s service lines in mind, we perform an SEO audit to identify where the opportunities are and make a plan to capitalize on them.

  • SEO audit
  • Keyword research
  • SEO-informed content creation
  • Technical SEO expertise and ability to do the mitigation ourselves, or to help in a consulting capacity with your team

Email Marketing & Automation

In order to stay consistently in front of your prospective and existing customers, we launch emails promoting thought leadership on behalf of your executives and sales reps.

Email Marketing
  • Monthly or bi-monthly outbound email campaigns
  • Content creation
  • Real-time tracking of opens and clicks
  • A/B testing and performance review

Social Media Management

To ensure your thought leadership is reaching your larger community, we post regularly on social media accounts on behalf of your executives and sales reps.

Social Media Management
  • Regular posting on social media accounts on behalf of your executives and sales reps
  • Graphic creation
  • Photo sourcing
  • Video production
  • Performance review

Sales Enablement & Prospecting

Our sales team tracks every email open, ad click, form submission, etc. – in real-time. Once someone engages, we follow up with them on your rep’s behalf, sparking conversation around the content they’ve shown interest in. This helps keep contacts engaged, especially when you have a long or complex sales cycle.

  • Develop personal relationships on your behalf through phone calls and emails (not cold calling or spamming)
  • Enter prospects into personalized prospecting sequences
  • Helps expand prospects’ understanding of your expertise and product/service offerings so your business stays top of mind when the time or opportunity arises

Business Development Representative as a Service

Your sales team simply doesn’t have enough hours in the day to convince the skeptics, or to spend an hour with someone who’s “just looking.” So, our in-house Business Development Representative (BDR) does it for you, moving leads down the funnel before your team even meets them.

BDR as a Service
  • Set initial meetings to qualify prospects
  • Set meetings directly in your reps calendar in real-time
  • Provide reps with relevant information needed to close (past conversations, prospect’ needs and goals, etc.)

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