The bridge over the gap.


We work with you to narrow your target audience and build specific personas for each of your ideal customer-types. Then, we help you clean, update, and expand your current lists, or build you a new list from scratch. Throughout the process, we continue to clean and maintain your lists by verifying contact information and removing invalid or unengaged contacts. We see it like this: good data = good campaign.


To attract high-value customers, your sales reps need to share high-value content that positions them as thought leaders in your space. Think: infographics, ebooks, white-papers, webinars… We then develop smart, clever, and click-able promotional content (emails, ads, social posts) that drive to that high-value content. All through the channels where your audience already is. This is how we begin to build the bridge over the gap.


Our in-house BDR tracks every email open, ad click, form submission, etc. – in real-time. Once someone engages, we follow up with them on your rep’s behalf, sparking conversation around the content they’ve shown interest in. Every lead is entered into a personalized prospecting sequence where we continue to vet, educate, and stay top of mind. Your sales team doesn’t have enough hours in the day to convince the skeptics. So we do it for you.


Just like your top salesperson, we know when to push or back off, only passing leads to your sales team when they’ve asked for a meeting. Meetings are set directly in your reps calendars with all the detailed information they need to close – content the lead has read, their pain points, any information we can gather to help your rep connect with them faster. Simply put, we nurture leads and deliver them to your reps as opportunities.


Throughout the entire process, we closely monitor opens, clicks, views, impressions, etc. both in real-time (quick insights) and over-time (long-term trends). While email, ad, and social performance is highly important to us, we go one step further in sharing the intelligence we gather from real conversations with prospects. We then use this information to optimize your campaign, testing ad formats, platforms, graphics, content, etc. and ALWAYS making the system smarter.

Opportunities, delivered. Are you ready?